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Donate by Mail
 Hearth to Hearth Ministries is a registered non-profit organization and will provide you with receipts for your donations which may be used in the U.S. to claim tax deductions.

If you would like to make a donation by mail, please fill out one of our Donation Coupons and mail it to:

Hearth to Hearth Ministries
PO Box 208
Lake Ann, MI 49650

We are accepting donations to the following funds:

General Fund:  This fund is used for regular operations and the money goes where it is most needed.

Food Stores: This fund is used to purchase grain and other foods in bulk.

Gift Pool: This fund is used to gifts for all of the children. This allows the administrators to provide gifts for the children two times per year, summer and Christmas time.

Mattresses: This fund is used to purchase new mattresses for Hope and Glory Centers.

Stipend Fund: This fund is used to pay Administrators, teachers, and workers a small stipend for their service.

Sponsorship Fees: Minimum of $40 per month for each child. Please include the child's number when paying sponsorship fees.

Donate by Mail